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How to Make Your Account Private on the Threads App

In the age of social media, privacy is a significant concern for many users. Instagram’s Threads app, a standalone platform for sharing photos, videos, and messages with your close friends, offers a solution. By making your Threads account private, you can control who sees and interacts with your content.

This guide will walk you through how to make your Threads account private, discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a private account, and explain how to manage follower requests and remove someone from your follower list.

How to Make Your Threads Profile Private

  1. Open the Threads app.
  2. Tap on your profile icon located in the bottom right corner.
  3. In the top right corner, tap on the Vertical menu icon.
  4. Now look for “Privacy” and tap on it.
  5. Look for the “Private Profile” button and toggle it on.
  6. Confirm your decision by tapping “OK” in the pop-up window.

By following these steps, you can set your Threads profile to private, allowing only approved followers to view your posts.

Benefits of Having a Private Threads Profile


By making your account private, you have full control over who sees your posts on Threads. This ensures that only the people you’ve personally approved can see your content, providing a personal sanctuary in a world where oversharing is the norm.


A private Threads account also enhances your security. Encryption measures provide a protective shield around your information, making it unreadable to anyone without the correct decryption key. This ensures that even if someone manages to intercept your data, they won’t understand it.


A private account allows you to exercise your right to choose who sees your content, set boundaries, and foster trust within your digital community. Anyone new will have to send a follow request, which you can accept or decline based on your preference.

Fewer Distractions

By managing your account privacy settings, you can control who sends you messages and notifications, reducing distractions and increasing productivity.

Focus on Close Relationships

With a smaller circle to interact with, you can focus on your closest relationships. A private profile allows you to share more freely, engage in more meaningful conversations, and value the depth of your relationships over the number of followers.

Drawbacks of Having a Private Threads Profile

Limited Reach

A private account limits your reach, as your content is only visible to your approved followers. This can limit your ability to network or share your thoughts with a wider audience.

Less Engagement

With a private account, only your approved followers can engage with your posts, meaning you’ll likely see fewer likes and comments. Your posts will also be kept from a broader audience, which can limit the number of shares you receive.

Difficult to Connect with New People

When your profile is private, you need to approve people as followers before they can view your posts or profile. This extra step can make it more challenging to forge new connections.

Less Visibility

With a private account, your content won’t appear in search results, and people who aren’t following you can’t find you. This can affect how your Threads account grows.

How to Change Your Threads Profile from Private to Public Again

  1. Open the Threads app and head to your profile icon.
  2. Tap on the vertical-line menu icon at the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Click on the ‘Privacy’ option.
  4. Find the ‘Private Profile’ toggle and tap it to turn it off.

Can I See Who Has Requested to Follow Me on Threads?

Yes, you can view any pending follow requests directly within the app. You can accept or decline these requests at your leisure.

How to Remove Someone from the Threads Followers List

  1. Open the Threads app. Tap on your profile icon, typically in the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap on the ‘Followers’ tab after the bio ends.
  3. Scroll through until you spot the person you’d like to remove.
  4. Tap on the ‘Remove’ button next to their name.
  5. A prompt will pop up asking you to confirm the action.
  6. Tap ‘Remove’ again, and they’re out!

Remember, this only removes them from your Threads list; they can still view your Instagram profile. For more privacy, consider the ‘Blocking Options’.

In conclusion, making your Threads profile private offers greater control over your privacy, although it may limit your exposure. Switching back to the public is straightforward; you can always check who’s requested to follow you. Removing unwanted followers is also an option. As a tech-savvy user, it’s all about finding the right balance to enjoy the app while protecting your online presence.


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