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How to add GIFs to Threads

GIFs have become an integral part of online communication, akin to emojis and memes.

However, when Threads, Meta’s new social media platform similar to Twitter, was launched, it was discovered that it lacked full GIF integration.

This was surprising, and even more so when it was found that the platform didn’t cooperate well with the built-in GIF features on Gboard or the iPhone’s keyboard. Despite this, users have found ways to share GIFs on Threads.

Adding GIFs to Threads on iOS

For iPhone users, sharing GIFs on Threads is relatively straightforward.

  1. Search for your desired GIF using your preferred search engine. Ensure you include “gif” in your search to avoid finding only JPEGs. Websites like Know Your Meme or Giphy can be helpful if you’re unsure about the specific meme or GIF you’re looking for.
  2. Once you’ve found a GIF you like, tap on it and copy it. You can do this by opening the GIF, then tapping and holding to open the options menu, where you can select “Copy image”.
  3. Now, go to the Threads app, start a new thread by tapping the pen and paper icon at the bottom of the screen, and paste the image by long tapping on the blank thread and choosing “Paste” from the menu that appears.

Adding GIFs to Threads on Android

The process on Android is a bit more tedious, but still doable.

  1. Search for your GIF as described in the iOS section.
  2. Tap on the GIF you like and download it. Open the GIF, long tap on it to open the options menu, and select “Download image”.
  3. Locate your downloaded image. You can do this by opening your notification drawer and tapping the “Download complete” notification. If you missed or dismissed the notification, you can find the image in your local file directory.
  4. Share your image on Threads. Open the file and tap the share option at the top of your screen. Android will suggest contacts and apps to share the photo with. If Threads isn’t immediately visible, swipe up to expand the menu and select it from the app drawer. Tapping on the Threads icon will take you to the app’s “New thread” screen, where the GIF will be ready to send.

Using Giphy to Insert GIFs into Threads

You might find it easier to use a dedicated app like Giphy, which is a vast repository of GIF reactions. You can share images from Giphy in the same way as described above. If you have an iPhone, you can integrate Giphy as a keyboard to avoid switching between apps.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards and tap “Add keyboard”.
  2. Select Giphy under “Third-party keyboards”.
  3. Back on the keyboards menu, open Giphy and toggle the switch next to “Allow full access”. This allows the app to work across your system.

With the Giphy keyboard installed, you can use it in any app, including Threads. To insert a GIF into your thread, long tap on the blank post and select “Paste”.

Embedding GIFs on Threads Using the Share Feature

You can also share GIFs on Threads without having them stored on your device. For example, you can select a sent GIF on WhatsApp, tap the Share icon, and then choose Threads to post the image. If you want to share GIF reactions from Twitter, open the GIF, hit the Share icon, and then choose “Share via” to select Threads.

With these methods, you can now use GIFs to express yourself on Threads.


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