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Can You Unhide Threads Badge On Instagram?

Threads, a new application from Meta that resembles Twitter, can be linked to your Instagram account. Available on both iOS and Android, downloading Threads provides users with a unique badge on their linked Instagram accounts.

This badge is automatically assigned to users upon signing up for Threads. It serves as a notification to Instagram followers that the user has joined the new app. The badge also includes a unique number indicating the sequence in which the user joined Threads. For instance, if you were the 100th person to join Threads, your badge would display the number 100.

While many users have been enjoying the app, some have chosen to hide the Threads badge from their Instagram profiles. However, they were later unable to find an option to reveal the badge again.

So, is it possible to unhide the Threads badge on Instagram?

Unfortunately, once the Threads badge is hidden on Instagram, there is currently no method to reveal it again. The badge disappears from your profile once it’s hidden. This is primarily because the Threads badge is intended to be temporary, serving as a means to encourage others to download the app.

Some users have claimed to have found a workaround by searching for hidden badges on their Instagram account or within the settings, but these attempts have not yielded any results.

Should a method to unhide the badge become available in the future, this information will be updated. However, given that the badge was designed to be temporary, it’s likely that it will eventually disappear from all users’ accounts.


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